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We are PiercingsWorks, the elite piercing/tattoo store in Amsterdam. On this podcast you will find interesting stories about piercings/tattoo's, together with the latest news and frequently asked questions. Do you want to hear something about piercings/tatoo's on this podcast? Email us with subject: 'Podcast idea' and who knows we will announce you in our next podcast!
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Aug 31, 2016

On this podcast you will hear everything about stretching.

A lot of people stretch their ear with a piercing.

What are you not allowed to do?

What is favorable?

What are the facts?

Tune in with us and find out

Aug 22, 2016

Did you always ask yourself how it would be like to get a painless tattoo?

Vice Magazine came to our store and shares their experience in this podcast.

Can it really be painless?

How did it go for him?

What is his opinion?

Aug 22, 2016

How do tattoo's on fingers look? Is it recommended?

We don't think so. In this episode we explain why.